"I'll show you
how to travel Japan."

says a Japanese girl.

Do you Want to:

travel low on budget?

Traveling within Japan can be cheaper than you think! Knowing where to stay, what to eat, and how to move around economically will greatly decrease the amount of time & money you'll spend.

travel alone?

Traveling alone is awesome. Find recommendation particularly made for solo-travelers. Our Facebook community will be helpful during your solo trip and it also welcomes those who want to find travel buddies.

be better prepared?

There is always a chance of losing something and encountering natural disasters during your trip. Learning "what to do" under unexpected circumstances can save your time and potentially your life!


Before traveling to Japan, pick up a few useful phrases and cultural "taboos" to make interacting with the locals more pleasant for you and them. It's more to do with your cultural awareness!

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Hello! I'm Ai. Let's make Japan your second home with me.

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